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Types of Crown Molding

Asheville Interior PaintersWhen walking into a room the first thing people’s eyes will trail too is the edges and the corners of the walls. First impressions are everything, so that’s why it’s important to properly dress and decorate the edges of your walls.

Crown moldings are the optimum choice when trying to make your rooms aesthetically pleasing. It’s important to make the correct decision when choosing your molding so that you walk away happy with the final product. Different kinds of moldings serve different purposes in households. So be sure to choose the correct molding when planning to install this quintessential upgrade.

First and foremost is where you will be getting your crown molding placed. The molding that meets between the wall and the ceiling is called the “Crown” molding. When paired with an appropriate baseboard (the molding that meets between the wall and floor), one can create a frame-like aesthetic. Whether you have decorative pieces on the wall or simply a splendid paint job you want to show off, lining your walls with a well installed Crown molding and Baseboard can create an art-gallery like feel to your household.

Another great choice of molding is the “Chair Rail” style. This molding runs along the lower third of the wall, roughly about waist height. Initially these moldings were made to prevent furniture from damaging walls, by providing a small barrier to keep couches and end tables at bay. But, their more modern use can function as a purely decorative piece to instill a more luxurious feel in the room, while still keeping their original protective function.

Similar to the “Chair Rail” molding is the “Picture Rail.” It rises a couple feet higher than the Chair style and is mostly used for placing photos, small decorative objects, or hanging pictures without the use of nails. This is a great choice if you would like a way to decorate without damaging your walls with nails or pins.

Crown moldings can be placed almost anywhere on a wall, down a corner, or around trimming around a door. They are a great way to express your creativity while also implementing some functionality into your life. Once you have you have decided what kind of molding you would like there are infinite amounts of trimming that can be chosen for moldings: modern, classic, Victorian, the list goes on.  So call today, and treat yourself to the subtle luxury of moldings.

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