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How to Hire a Professional Painter

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So you have grown tired of the old paint that covers the interior, or exterior, of your house. It’s peeling at the edges, lost its luster, or the color simply is no longer of interest to you. Regardless of your reason for wanting to hire a painting company it is important to make the right choice when deciding on who you let paint your walls. After all, a painted wall is not easily reversible, especially not for cheap. Here are some pointers on selecting an adequate business to meet all of your needs and get the job done right the first time.

First and foremost, call them. It is important to associate your painter with a voice. Are they friendly? Are they courteous? The way a person acts on the phone will reflect how that person will act on the job. A good attitude always correlates with customer satisfaction. Be sure to inquire about any specials available, and ask about their various services and paint options to be sure they have a wide range of choices for the services you request, and that you get the best deal for your budget.

Some companies claim to be local, but actually are not. The problem with this is sometimes they might sneak in travel fees (i.e., If you are looking for Asheville house painters, make sure the people you are speaking with are Asheville house painters). Also be sure to ask in advance for non-local companies on whether or not you will have to pay for travelling time.

No one hired an artist just because they said they could paint the Mona Lisa. One would want to see their portfolio first, make sure their quality and style is up to par. Don’t hire a painting company that doesn’t have a website. It seems harsh, but in this day and age any reputable business has a website to show off their work. Also, websites are superior to paper ads in the sense that generally websites stay updated with a company’s latest jobs and accomplishments. Don’t bet your entire living room paint job on a 10-year-old photo from a flyer. Be sure to take the time to browse their pictures and look for the small details. Are the edges trimmed properly, how are the window sills looking? Does the paint seem even in all of their photos? Most importantly, are the photos theirs, or just stock images from google? These are important questions to keep in mind while perusing their website. In addition to being able to preview their work, you may come across other very useful information about the business.

It’s no secret that painting can be pricey. It is important to cross reference different businesses’ websites to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Don’t fall into the trap that cheaper is better, or its counter part, the most expensive is the best. Let the painting company’s work speak for itself. It might be worth the extra $50 to ensure you will not have to paint this wall again, forking out even more money in the long run. Never be afraid to ask for more economical options before kicking the higher end company to the curb because in the end quality and execution is a priority when it comes to painting services.